Cature Internal Audio, Violation of Google Play TOS?

I want to know if there is a violation if someone do an application to record the internal audio of android:

Google Play Terms of Service

.Capturing of Streams. You may not use Google Play or any Content in conjunction with any stream-ripping, stream capture or similar software to record or create a copy of any Content that is presented to you in streaming format.

I am not english native and maybe i don’t understand well this point.

Is referring to the use of the apps or to the developers that made for example an app to record the internal audio?

So if i distribute an application in Google Play that has this feature, have i to advertise to the user that is not allowed to record streams with copyright?

This isn’t possible without root on any recent versions of Android, so it’s sort of moot. The only thing you would be to capture is possibly very low quality output for making Visualizer, even that is not going to work to capture output from other apps on many devices, its deprecated.

Well, i did it and the code is working well, root is not required and only works in kit-kat and above.(there is some trick more that i can’t explain now).

The question is if my account will be banned if i implement this in my application which is a screen recorder.

Google implemented in Lollipop the api to screen capture, it can violate as well because some video content in youtube also is protected…

So i ask in case that some one publish an application in Google Play with this feature will be the account banned?