[Case Study] Sharing my revenue data, seeking for alternate ad network

I want to share some of my experience and want to listen to your feedback and ideas.

I make around $300 usd a day from ads which is quite good, this revenue mostly comes from 3 apps (not game) the revenue is like

App A $100 (admob banner, 92,000 active install, 40% revenue from US)
App B $25 (admob banner)
App C $150 (other network, 220,000 active install, 40% revenue from US),

Previously I only use admob banner only, but admob ban my App C so I have to switch to other network . So I switch to a different network and the banner app generate $70 usd a day. THEN SUDDENLY I ring the bell and said “Why don’t I have an exit full screen ad ?” . After the implementation I got $150 a day (fullscreen and banner)

I look at the analytic:p in the past week and I could see a lot of unhappy client uninstalling the app which is reasonable. Income for App C double, but uninstall rise so much obviously becoz the exit ads is too annoying.

Now I am rethinking my strategy, I have spent a lot of time in this forum and most of the user focus on choosing the highest paying network. But do you think this is short term? Switching to a high paying network can spur up your income but at the same time user experience will also be harmed.

I saw appsfire website recently and I saw their in-feed ads are very nice, not intrusive , but their revenue is not gurantee and I saw no one has ever review this network.

What do you guys think? Do you think my App C is getting very low revenue for 220,000 active ?

Hi Onlun,

For APP C with Admob, it does sound more or less right at $150 a day, but doesn’t mean you can’t make more without disturbing the user experience.
Developers switch networks all the time trying to find the golden ticket of a network that pays the maximum of whatever they think their content is worth, there’s so many of us out there, and sometimes you need to try a few. The goal is to hopefully there is seamless to your users.
With Airpush, our Bundle 1 SDK pays up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA opt in and $0.002 world wide, so along with your daily impressions, you also have the ability to earn from each download. The EULA gives transparency to your users of any data used to serve adds and gives them the option to opt out, truly being non intrusive.

For 3rd party markets, our Bundle 2 SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide, at a $50 eCPM, and can be done along with Google Play apps.

Hope this helps.

Airpush Nick

Hey @onlun99 you should also have a look at Pollfish. Pollfish is an interactive way of monetization that pays up to 20x more than classic ad networks. A lot of our developers use us along with other ad networks just to boost their current revenue (especialy with banner ads)

Some of the value propositions of Pollfish are:

  • Get minimum $0.30 per completed survey
  • No need to remove existing ad networks, works along with them (risk-free)
  • No need to change your app’s UI (overlay)
  • Users complete surveys to win gifts (happy users).
  • Users engage with a survey within the app (users never leave the app)
  • Free internal surveys in your apps (get feedback)

With 220k active users you should be making good money with Pollfish along with what you are already generating from other ad networks :slight_smile:

Can you put some average numbers?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @developer, yes of course.

You can integrate Pollfish the standard way, like the first screenshot above. This integration takes less than 2 minutes since it is a single drag and drop and one line of code and it achieves 1-3% completion rates depending on the context of the app.

If a developer incentivizes his users too for completing a survey with some sort of virtual currency. level unlocking or ad removal he can achieve up to 28% completion rates. So according to unique daily active users of an app (not monthly) you can easily make the math of how much he can earn from Pollfish :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that blocking some app’s content behind some kind of survey is Google Compliant?

Edit: 1-3% for each daily user. So I can assume that 1-3 user(s) for each 100 actives generates 0.30-0.90$?

if you download our Demo App you will be able to see that user has 3 ways to close a survey. Pollfish is built upon Google Advertising ID. If a user disables google interest advertising no surveys are distributed through the app and that is why we are 100% compliant with Google Policies.

Yes :slight_smile:

If you have more questions please let me know I will be happy to help.

I don’t think active installs is a good indicator to tell you if you have low earnings, what about daily downloads?

and I would be quite surprised if your users complains nowadays for a simple exit ads, its being long time without receiving complains about ads (I use interstitials and banners), what I can suggest is to include 1 add more (at opening) and if you think is too much then switch exits ads to open ads, this last gives 2x more than exit. and Please do not use just 1 ad network, use meditation instead, see the problem with admob, now you have active users than have not updated you app and are not giving you a cent.

Sometimes it’s $0.20 … my TOTAL average is $0.25 per completed survey

Pollfishis highly recommended. I have 2k - 3k active users daily and I am earning betwen $100 - $200 daily with Pollfish. I used Pollfish along with MobileCoreand Adbuddiz.

Sample earnings with Pollfish for the period of Nov. 1 to Nov 5


Your reveneus with this audience is very good. I assume this is not standard implementation with overlayed pollfish icon. Did you incentivize your users somehow? And what kind of app(s) is(are)?

my app is a sms app. yeah I incentivitized it… They use it daily and they can unlock more sms once they complete the survey… I only show survey once daily…

I have only few downloads daily around 300 - 400 downloads but users are coming back every day…

What is your average completed survey revenue? This minimum 0.3$ is real?

Average revenue from Nov. 1 up to date of this posting is $136.

For regular surveys sometimes I get $0.27 not the $0.3… Not sure but maybe my calculations differ from them… I didn’t watch the survey price carefully.

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Plus 1 for Polllfish and incent. In a few of my apps i offer the users the option to go “ads free” for a few days if they complete a survey. When they do i stop showing banners and full page ads for the days i promise. on next updates will put Pollfish in all apps,easy money

I Agee… Easy money with Pollfish… surveys are quick so users won’t be annoyed I think…