car review app

I run a website which features car review videos, drag racing videos and etc. It mostly consists of videos.
My idea is to create an app which will serve all video content from the site. Some of the videos are commercials from the manufacturer and if we get a takedown request, we delete it from the site. I’m wondering what would the reprecussions be if a manufacturer requests the same from google? Would they ban my account or just ask me to remove the content? App would get the content from the server so a takedown would be effective immediately.

Bottom line you would be serving your own ads in the app ? If not why not just remove the “commercials from the manufacturer” because your app sounds amazing as is with car reviews. I mean Top Gear is making millions.

Hmm… well the application Idea looks great Car review application is something that every car user want to see before purchasing a car !! Great idea I would say better to start working on it rather than waiting for someone else to take this idea out !

Your idea is really good and worth a try for sure. Why don’t you go ahead and implement it and see what kind of customer reaction and appreciation you will get. If I am a customer I would definitely find it very handy in a web site whatsoever

I would suggest to make your website looking good on mobile devices and wrap it into an app with a webview. Noone can take down your website, and if they take down your app you don’t lose any effort. You can always improve the app later one

Also you can easily do the same on iOS

I actually would consider a commercial as “for public audience” because … well, it’s a commercial and you show it for free … :slight_smile: (but well, in the end it is still IP) did you get requests to put commercials down on your site?

Stick that sucker in PhoneGap! No muss. No fuss. Use your website for the app. It’s not like you’re fitting tons of videos in the initial download, so it’s going to need a net connection anyways.

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