Can't link my app in AdMob - what now?


I had a custom app developed, with AdMob Banner and Interstitials ads included. I’m familiar with Banner ads, but I never used Interstitial ads. So, before my app was published, I went to the Monetize tab and clicked Monetize new app. I chose Add your app manually, filled in the App name, selected Banner and Ad unit name.

I did the same for Interstitial ads, but I forgot the AdMob’s recommendation of naming the ad as “AppName_Interstitial”. Anyway, two new “apps/ads” were now added to the Home tab. When my app was finally published, I did not know to which new entry should I link the ad, so I just selected one. Now that ad/app is not visible anymore, however, there is still one available, but I can’t link the app to it (please see the image here:

What went wrong? I created a new banner ad, just out of curiously, and now I can’t delete that either. Anyway, the bigger problem is this “not linked” stuff.

How to correct this? Do I need to create a new Intersitial/Banner ad and put the new code into the app? The ads are showing fine in the app, but I’m not sure if my earnings are affected because of this. Can anyone please help?


I now know what I did wrong. I created 2 new ads, instead of first creating one. I did this: Monetize → Add App Manually → Banner Ad → Finish. Then I did the same: Monetize → Add App Manually → Interstitial Ad → Finish. What I should have done, after creating the banner is this: Monetize → Select from apps you have added → Interstitial Ads …

Please see the screenshot to understand my situation better: View image: admob2

My unlinked app has 2 ad units. My linked app (with the cat image) has no ad units listed.

Can this somehow be corrected?


Just ignore/archive the incorrect (unlinked) app, and work with the correctly linked app only, ie, create the ad units inside the correct one.

Thanks, rottzs. The ad I linked my app to, doesn’t seem to be anywhere. The one with the icon has no ad units and the one without the icon has two ad units (which are implemented in the app), but I can’t link it anymore.

Well, I really messed this up. I think I should unpublish the app, then republish it, but it already has ratings and all. A lesson for next time.

So, basically there is nothing wrong, if I don’t have a link to my app?

What happens if you create new ad units on the correct app? Does it vanish or it stays there? If it stays, just migrate your code to the new ad units.

If it’s an active app I would try to get it linked correctly.

The correct app isn’t listed on Home screen. Only one Application is listed (from two, originally - both created with “Monetize new app” button) and it has a grey Android icon with the “Link your app” notification. When trying to link it, I can find my app, but the “Select” button is grayed out, because I already used it.

However, I see both of my apps (one with original icon, and one with gray Android icon) on the Monetize tab (All apps). The original app has zero ad units, while the app with gray Android icon has banner and interstitial ad units.

Do you think I should create new ad units in the app with the original icon and put those ID’s in the app? I’m not sure, if this will solve the linking problem, because as I already said, I don’t have the app with original icon on Home screen, so I can’t select it for linking.


I just unpublished the app and made new AdMom ID’s. I really screwed this up, but now I know, how to create banner/interstitial ads correctly.

Is there a way to remove the unused “apps” (with gray icon and Link your app notification) in the Home menu of AdMob? I also have a test app on the Monetize menu which I can’t remove (archiving didn’t take it off the list).

Thanks for your help.

I don’t want to open a new thread as this is somewhat similar.

I want to publish a new app on Amazon only and include AdMob banner in it. I won’t be able to Link the AdMob to my app (please see the attached image). Could this be a problem or should I just leave it like that?