Can't access my bitcoin wallet!

So as I can’t access it, I want to know if anybody has the same problem. I am worried that it may be cracked through my hash, and the password has been changed? Is this possible?

You can’t log in with a private key on Blockchain wallet, the login ID is specific only to Blockchain wallet account IDs. A private key is not your password, nor is your address a username (even if you choose to be identified by it).

What you want to do now is to create a new wallet and then import the private key, so you can spend your coins on the paper wallet. If Blockchain wallet is what you want to use (I recommend Electrum, but only because I think it’s simpler yet more flexible!), create a new wallet from the login page. Once logged in, look for the Import option. Enter your private key, and if it works, you now can spend. Recommend you do so immediately after.

This is possible and this is a very common problem. My dad used to be engaged in mining and once all his bitcoins were stolen and it was even impossible to track them. As a result, it turned out that modern video cards have vulnerabilities and it is very easy to access the hash. Also, many use the online service for this. Thus, you can easily penetrate your computer, then access all the data and complete a transaction of all funds from your wallet. So it’s possible that this is exactly what you did, and unfortunately it’s already impossible to return or fix something.

Have you earnt anything before? May be you used any program assisting to earn or to trade? The thing is that a lot of them can block your access or cause problems. It is necessary to use only checked ones like that will definitely increase your profit. So the problem with your wallet can be.