can you send pushes to banned apps?

lets say my app gets removed from google play and the whole account gets banned. can I still send pushes to users that have it installed on their phone?

I guess so. But it also might depends on the service you’re using to send the pushes. Now I’m using and I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t send pushes even if my app gets removed from the Play Store.

well i was under impressions that you create some sort of key on per google play account basis when you send out pushes? if your account goes, so does your key, therefore no ability to use push? am i wrong?

Again, it depends on the service you use. With I didn’t need any key because everything goes via their server. But soon I’m gonna move from them because after you send 1 million of pushes you’re switched off from the free plan :smiley: . The second plan costs $199/month for sending 15 millions of pushes, although I requested already a 30 days free trial))

I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up a pushing system via a rented server. How much resources could this eat. And yeah, the power of push notifications is huge. Just think about having a 100k user base from deleted apps and send every day a push notification with an ad :slight_smile:

and how to send a push notification with an ad? I searched a bit in, I only saw push messages.
how to send and where to get that ads to send?

and it also says 1 million per month, so you can still use another 1 million next month, or only once?

That’s the problem, with Parse you can send only pushes that open your app. That’s why I mentioned about setting a push system on your own server, this way you can indicate what link to open for each message. But I’m really not sure how complicated this might be to create. I read about something similar in @ramzixp book, so if he could tell us at least something then it would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

p.s. I guess you can use every month 1 million of free pushes.

because in my case I don’t need a push that will open my app (they r using it anyway), but pushing ads at least once in 3-4 days would be nice )
but good to know, 1 million free pushes every month are awesome

You cab do it with parse, but it is more complicated. You have to create own receiver and get message’s text. It can be done, but it is hard to get it working

Well with a receiver that means your app has to be installed on the device, what if the app was deleted?

I am starting to think the only option to reach a user that deleted your app is to send them an email or sms message?

gotta pay to play :slight_smile: i am ok with $199/month, i think thats not bad at all for 15million pushes.

Oooh, so you want to contact with user if he delete the app… So… Only e-mail or sms sending I think:)