Can you make quiz apps about famous persons?

Can you make games about famous persons?

Obama is the first black president in the united states of america lol.

Yeah I know, still doesn’t answer my question. Will I get copyright issues or shit like that?

Well since copyright is about content made by someone - songs, writigns, books etc. and I guess you’d want to write some words “blah blah” and who said this, that’d be using someone else’s material for your own commercial purpose. I get that there’s a problem but I dunno the answer. I suggest asking the same question on a forum for copyright-angle lawyers’ forum, not here.

As long as you didn’t stole words, writings , music, there’s no issue on that. What if you categorize you’re game so that it will be clean. Example sports,showbiz,politics and more.

How about quiz apps about anime/manga/comic book(DC&Marvel)? I will create all art with my own style.
Can I get trouble?


Time flies by when I play this game. Some of them are easy to guess but few of them are really difficult but it’s fun to figure out answer for difficult ones. Thumbs up from me for this amazing quiz game.

u high on drugs m8?

Lmao amirite?

i think you will easily got big problem if you use famous things, name, image, sound …