Can you check why my app has bad download to sign up rates

Only around 40 users out of 100 sign up after a download.
It is a simple registration with facebook connection OR email + password (no confirmation required).
Do you think providing email address can harm your conversion rates that hard?

Some details of my app:

  • I only pay around 0.50 $ for a US download
  • Making around 0,20 $ ARPDAU

The only 2 problems to become a star app are download to sign up rate + retention rate (only around 30 % day 1).

I am open for any tips.

Seems like you need the perspective of an American since you target U.S. in your marketing, I can give you that :slight_smile:

-First Problem-

App offers the user no preview, it immediately takes you to a signup page. I personally don’t know anyone that would signup without a preview so you are very lucky to have a 40% signup. 2nd, Americans do not like to use their facebook to signup with an app. We are too worried that you are going to blast our facebook page so add a twitter login option as well so the user can easily make a dummy account. Since I cannot actually access the app because I refuse to signup under current conditions I can’t really tell you if the app is of any quality. The only way I would signup would be if someone referred me to the app.


Create an incentive for current users to sign their friends up!
Port the app to iphone, much more suited to your desired audience!

Hope that helps and good luck!

  1. The users got in app screenshots and description already in the google play store, why I should represent it again?
  2. Facebook. As I said, I offer an alternative login with email + password
  3. Don’t understand why you refuse signup under current conditions, can you explain it?
  4. Facebook incentive invites are already implemented and used heavily, but only deliver around 2-3 installs per day

Registration requirement for such a casual looking game is a huge turn off for people. Why do they even need to registrate? Isn’t it enough to track the mac adress of their device as unique user and make the registration completely optional afterwards? You can easily explain the advantages of the registration afterwards.

Thanks for your well thought out counter response. This might be a geographical difference. Privacy is a huge issue in the states. Why anyone would trust an app in an unregulated market with their logins in beyond me. Let me explain, a user in going to use a login/password that is similar to their real life accounts and this is too risky to provide this information to a casual app. You target the U.S. market but are not realizing these subtle differences. You have to give the user another optional login method, maybe a guest user login or twitter as I mentioned before. Otherwise, target geographic regions other than the US.

I need it for a later unique identification of the user, for example if he deletes the app and coming back later etc…
I don’t know if it is possible to get the MAC address?
@danixp, US was only an expample, I target people world wide. Most of my users come from europe and south america.
Would be greate if you will look deeper into the app.

This is perfect then. You can easily read the mac address via code and identify those device as a unique user. Afterwards you can explain that he can access the account from any other device via registration. This way you will receive 100% of players easily. I found a thread about this here:
java - How to get MAC ADDRESS device in android - Stack Overflow

yes, but it seems not working for devices which have Wifi deactivated.

@danixp, @StevePof
I have implemented this mac thing, can you recheck it :wink:

I tried the app on my s5 wayyyy too cluttered. Everything was small. You might also be experiencing some design issues. Just my opinion. I deleted it. Being honest.