Can someone explain the argument for gun control

I have yet to hear a legitimate answer. Let me know

I think that the control we have now is entirely sufficient, Or maybe I don’t understand something?

One of my good friends works for the gun control Commission. Once, he told us that many deaths due to weapons do not occur because people wanted to shoot someone but because they did not see where they were shooting. Unfortunately, a lot of people kill their relatives and friends during harmless bank shootings or hunting. I am a hunter myself, and I am annoyed about this. I can’t change the statistics, but I can start with myself and do my best not to put people in danger. At the beginning of this year, I purchased a sight with best scope leveling tools from and it helped me be more confident that I can see exactly where I intend to shoot. I miss less often, and I’m not afraid for my nephew, who accompanies me all the time.