Can integrating an ad network to a brand new app lead to..?

…getting flagged by the ad network’s system and result in closing of the account? Here’s the scenario that’s bothering me.

For a brand new app installation numbers will crawl up slowly (read marketing budget is $0) and it’s likely to be shared with the friends and family, neighbors, and colleagues first before getting promoted online or before that promotion starts converting. So, it’s natural that the first 100-200 odd impressions will be slow to come but they’ll come from small small groups of people that share an Internet connection and hence will have the same IP address. Similarly, if one shares the app with one’s flatmates they could all be using it over the same WiFi.

Would this get flagged as fraudulent behavior and get the account banned? I’m sure these little impressions here and there don’t make a single penny but I’m not sure if the ad network systems are smart enough to understand it’s expected from an app still in its infancy. I actually want an SDK integrated right from day one to discourage the beta users from keeping the apk or uploading it just because it’s ad-free.

I would not be worried about couple hundred impressions coming from the same IP address.
In fact, I would not be worried about such things at all as long as you don’t intent to produce artificial activity.
Fraud detection algorithms are sophisticated and can’t be described in one forum post.
Distributing app among your friends and starting with 200 impressions is not a crime.

Thanks a bunch, Pavel. Coming from an Ad network itself, that puts my mind at a lot of ease.