can i used admob in third party store.

can anybody tell me that can i used admob on third party store

yes u can.

usually if the user is not in China, he will have google play also installed on the device. Admob or other networks apart from push/icon ads won’t generate much revenue on devices not having play store installed. But if u are publishing on stores like opera, slideme etc., you can publishing using admob and expect users will also have play store installed on their device. Guys from Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel,Poland,Ireland pls share what is the scenario in your countries?

how do you link your apps in admob if it’s published only on third party stores and not on gplay? does this have any effect on the admob account or earnings or could this cause ban/suspension of admob account?

Don’t forget for 3rd party markets the Airpush Bundle 2 SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA (end user license agreement) opt in world wide.
Let me know if you want to test it out.

Airpush Nick