Can i use this for different MAC address instead of using a VM?

Hi all, can i use this:
instead of using the VM for the unique Mac Address? I tried this device before and the Mac Address is unique. But my apps got suspended second time. Here’s the scenario: I used laptop A with it’s original Mac address and upload apps via Google Chrome. It got suspended afterwards. Few days later, i create another account using this device (this device gave me a unique Mac Address) and upload apps to this new google acc via Google Chrome again. And it got suspended again. Could the reason of getting banned because of the browser? Or this device? How can google know that these both acc are the same person??!! because of the browser? i didn’t uninstall the google chrome (1st acc got suspended), and i used this google chrome for the 2nd acc, (got suspended as well).

let me know guys

May be cookies issue. You never know what Google is using to track u. May b credit card and phone number used for play account

Hi Javaexp, oh, my credit card, phone number all are different, unique. And i make sure i clean my pc and clear the cache, history everytime i upload to another google play account. hmm… what else can google track me?

Apart from what I mentioned, other things are:

  1. title, description and screenshots from apps in banned account into new account.
  2. Using google services like youtube, GCM, Google drive, Google analytics etc. with the developer key of banned account in new account

AFAIK MAC Address is not accessible to websites without installing add-on or java applets ,
so this is pointless …

Your IP Address ,get new internet connection

Ip address is changed everytime you restart your modem

I believe it’s cookies… perhaps also some google IDs used in browser profile file. Google Chrome also…
MAC is not visible outside local network area!