Can i use the same code from my previous games and publish new app on play

So i have two memory games on google play. My question is can i use the same code from previous games and make new memory game and publish it on play. I would change graphics, music, sounds and everything else(main icon, package and project name, etc.) Can i get banned for this? And how much games(on same code) i can publish? Is it spammy or? Please answer. Thanks

It really depends on the extent of the changes you’ve made. Google hates re-branded apps:

Do not post repetitive content.

If you go down this route, just make sure you change as much as possible.

Well, grey area. The policies do say that you should not post repetitive content. You are certainly “repeating” the game here, but with a new skin.

thanks for answers. :smiley:

Personally, I think you’re good. I would definitely change your app ids to whatever adnetwork you are using.

I would think if you purchase an account to host each one they wouldn’t mind as much!

Perhaps its more about what is your intention in creating so many similar applications. I created several puzzle type applications but the links and artists all differ. Its a very personalized application at that point. Not mass producing a game with different skins for ad revenue.

U won’t get banned. Think of the freemium apps where the free and paid apps have same code except that paid version doesn’t have ads. Publishing same game 10 times under same play account is spam and will get u banned sooner. If u are changing graphics like the pig character is a turtle then u should be good.

If u don’t want to change graphics and publish 10 copies of exactly same game then better do it from different play accounts and b ready to loose 2-3 out of them.

Thanks everyone, i will do maybe two more totally different games(graphics, music, sounds, etc.) and than i will see from there. Thanks again :smiley: