Can I use only Airpush SmartWall? (no push/icon, thus no EULA)


Airpush SmartWall has been grabbing my attention. Anyone know if I can use only the SmartWall feature without showing any push/icon-related EULA to users?


Not yet, but they promised a separate SDK for it soon.

I asked them too - they said should have by “next week” whatever that means.

here is what Airpush responded to in the ‘Weekly Payments’ thread:

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RE: Weekly Payments ?
Hi Gordon,

Good stuff. Here are the answers to your questions . . .

Re: your first question, the banner unit has consistently shown $1+ CPMs so at the high end of what Millenial has been doing for you.

Re: your second question, since compliance issues are very different with in-app ad types, we will offer a new in-app SDK which will only include SmartWall and Banner Ads without an opt-in screen. The Banner Ads will be included both in our universal SDK and this special one.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Phil from Airpush


Their Airpush banner ads well paying ? Are they special or they just happen to have high paying advertisers (?)

Easy to add the banner ads to admob mediation ?


I have no idea, the Airpush banner ads product isn’t out yet…someone at Airpush posted on this board that it’s launching very soon. Currently on Airpush’s site I just see 3 ad formats listed: Push Ads, Icon Ads, SmartWall.


There was mention of separate SDK to be released, thats not happening?

Link to URL no longer available.

Thanks John Paul. Several of us are holding back and waiting for SDK. Do you have a concrete date on release ?

Hi Johnpaul,

Thanks for the clarification. I can wait for the SmartWall-only SDK.

However, are you sure there’ll be no EULA screen? Don’t you need a bit of EULA to explain about the Landing Pages(one of SmartWall’s sub formats)?

The only reason holding me back from using Airpush(SmartWall) is the EULA screen of the current SDK.

If there’ll still be an EULA screen in the upcoming SmartWall-only SDK anyway then I’d just use the current one right now.

If johnpaul is ok with it, I can post the code to disable the EULA, at least on my rooted phone it works. Haven’t tested it on non rooted yet.

Can someone help me from Airpush Desk with integrating just banner sdk