Can I use AdMob even if my Adsense for the Web was disabled 5 years ago?

My Question is:

Can I use AdMob even if my Adsense for the Web was disabled 5 years ago is my admob account safe? I create new email address i use in admob but my name and address is the same that I use in adsense 5-8 years ago, so far my admob account is running good for 3 months already. any help? thanks

No problem, because you use difference email address with the disable one. Google allow 1 person to get many gmail address.
I have an adwords account suspend for 2 year ago and my admob still good for now

thanks bro for the reply, so your adword and admob account have the same name and address on it? and did you already got payed by admob? thanks again…

I has been use admob for nearly 2 year and they pay me monthly (Same name, address and verify phone number), but that 's old admob. I upgrade to new admob recently and must change email because that adwords like.

But i think it will have no problem. Because Google let you open new admob.

so you mean you use different google account from your old adwords/adsense account(disabled) and other google account with admob? thanks mate, that’s a great help for me… :slight_smile:

Be careful when you upgrade to the new admob. You have to use an adsense account when you upgrade. Don’t use your old one if it was banned or now you will be banned from admob too. I’ve heard of this happening to some people.

My adsense was banned 5 years ago too. Now my GP account is registered on me (same personal data but different e-mail adress) and admob connected to that gp is on my friend personal data. It’s ok for now but I am new on GP market.

I don’t have old admob account, I created my admob just last 2 months ago in and I use my other g account, not the one that I use 5 years ago in adsense, but I use this in my gplay account. So it is ok to create admob account using other g account even if my name and address the same with my disabled adsense 5 years ago? thanks

How about the payment address in your admob? is it yours or your friends data? Thanks

everything is my freinds

In my admob account now, I am using my name and address same in my adsense long ago. So far for 2-3 months I didn’t get any problem(I hope I don’t get any problem). I am waiting for my payment for this month and also the pin they send to me via postal.

What if pay via paypal and paypal email is the same one that got banned in adsense? Is it safe?

admob delay today morning

I’m not sure how far they would go to link your old adsense account to your new one. Your probably pretty safe as long as it’s not the google account that got banned in adsense before. But don’t take my word for it, I don’t know really.