Can i update an app on the Play Store to become an entirely different app?

I have a logo game in the Play Store for several years now. This game uses company logos which users have to solve. Google never had a problem with this until my last app update. The update has been rejected for copyright violations. It has not been suspended so the app is still in the Play Store.

The problem is that i can never update this app again, because I can not show Google that I have permission to use these logos. I am also afraid that Google might suspend the app in the future.
Besides the logo game i also have a new game which i am about to publish. This is an entirely different game compared to the logo game.

My question is, do you think it is allowed that i update/replace the logo game to become this new game?

The reason why is that the logo game already is years in the Play Store, has lot’s of ratings and downloads, so this will help in kick starting my new game instead of starting from zero. (i understand it is also contradicting because these users rated the logo game, not the new game)

I have checked the policies and guidelines and it does not say that it is not allowed. I have also emailed Google with this same question, but their answer is not really clear (see below). What do you guys think?

[i]Thanks for your additional comments.

We appreciate the feedback regarding Google Play Policies and Guidelines. At this time, we are unable to comment on the compliance of your planned implementation. We encourage you to use the following guidelines and policies when uploading a new version:

Google Play Apps Policy Center:

Application Rating Guidance:

For auditing purposes, we are unable to reinstate applications that have been suspended due to policy violations. We recommend that you upload a new instance of the application which complies with Google Play Policies and Guidelines.

Please note that repeated violations may result in a suspension of your Google Play Developer account.

The Google Play Team[/i]

Wanted to know about this too.

yeah you can I have done it.

Ok , so your app also already had ratings and comments? Did your users complain a lot when updating to the new game?

as per my understanding, You want to transform you already published Logo game into a totally different game. apart form the technical aspects and possibilities I dont think it cannot prove itself to be a wise move. Googles response shows that they haven’t rejected this idea, however they did not endorsed it too. In my opinion you should launch your new game as a separate one. You are going to have a definite advantage as you already have a foundation and following at play store. by the way dont forget to share the link of your logo game, would love to give it a try:) and wish you best of luck for your new game too

I have done this already I had a lwp with over 100k installs but one of my lwps got suspended, so I converted my 2nd similar lwp from a Ghost Rider fire flames to a Duck Hunt Style Game. 2 months later you can search Ghost Rider and my game shows in the results.

Thanks for your reply. Did you receive a lot of bad reviews or complaints from users when updating to the new game?