Can I show ads in a game below the menu?


I was wondering - can I place ads in a game below the menu? Like, for example, Hill Climb Racing does it - when you crash or use the pause button, a menu appears and when it is hidden the ads dissapear? Like, for example, the following screenshot:


*I still haven’t uploaded the game with the ads, because I want to be sure that everything is AdMob compliant and I am not breaking any rules. This is a screenshot from my test device only.

I mean, yeah - Hill Climb Racing does it, but still I am worried… :confused:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

No problem with showing the ads there. Totally Google compliant

Thank you very much :slight_smile: . This helps me alot :slight_smile:

Hello @KaloyanBeshev. The ad placement is fine. Have also in mind that you can use less intrusive ads like Pollfish either as the only platform in your app or along with the platform you already use just to boost your revenue.


Thank you very much, will consider this :slight_smile: . But one more question - which is a better practice - to hide the ads, or to disable and enable them? The second one loads a new ad, while the first method only moves the ad somewhere beneath the screen, outside of the game room and doesn’t request new ads ones shown, because it positions them again at the bottom. Which method is better :slight_smile: ?

Hello @KaloyanBeshev. Everything is a matter of choice in terms of intrusiveness and revenue expected. Showing an ad on pause menu only, will decrease probably your revenue (everything of course depends on the context of the app too). if you display during gameplay will increase your revenue but will bother your users more. Everything is about compromisations you will make :slight_smile: With Pollfish you can gain revenue with minimal intrusion (as seen in screenshot above) with both strategies!

I don’t want to interfere with the user experience, so the ads will be shown only on menu screens :slight_smile: .