Can I publish an app from a friend whose GP account was banned?


I have a friend, whose GP account was banned - he made a totally new app, and asked me to publish it for him. He also uses a new advertising ID (not AdMob).

Is it save to publish his app?


dont do that
since your friend has no experience about bans - u both may fall in google trap
better buy new account for 50 dollars

Thanks. What’s the main reason? How could his app be identified? By his app signature? Other than that, the app is new, and it uses a new advertising ID.

pmed u …

Have same question!
Onlinewanderer, can you PM me too?
Or anyone please tell how to reupload banned or publish new app after your account was banned. The only thing I know is that I need to buy new account registered by another person. Thanks a lot!