Can I have "Flappy Bird" in my game's name?

I’m wondering if having “Flappy Bird” in the name will help in search hits in Google Play, and if it is actually been allowed.
There will be birds there with different design from the original flappy bird and the gameplay is different.

For example:
“Flappy Bird Space Race 3D”
“Flappy Bird Burger Rush Saga”
“Don’t Tap The Flappy Bird”

Please help, thanks~

Google have banned most games that state the term “Flappy Bird”, either in the title or description. For some reason some slip through, but that’s Google for you.

You’ll be banned in no time. Google will either consider it keyword spam or IP infringement (even if flappy bird isn’t registered as a trade mark)

Oh dear, I guess it is not worth the risk.
Maybe I will try it only if I can grab hold of an extra account.
Maybe call it “Don’t Tap on the 2048 Flappy Birds” and see what happens.

So hard to promote apps and games.

Why not create something original? I have seen a few nice flappy bird clones in top new free that don’t use flappy bird name and add something original to the game. Look how they are doing, check what they use in description etc.

Yeah right, I don’t think “nice flappy bird clones in top new free” are original either. How is that creating something original? You’ll still be riding on Flappy Bird’s success. They even have “Flappy” in their names to boost search hits.

I was just wondering why there aren’t many clones bearing a name with “flappy bird” in it, like how clones of 2048 actually have “2048” in their names and minecraft clones having “minecraft” in theirs.
The guessing game with Google Play continues I guess.