Can I get perspective on my monetization?

So I made this arcade game:

It started as a way to learn programming. In the back of my mind it bothered me mobile games were a Red Ocean but what’s worth starting is worth finishing right? These are my numbers after week 1:

These are mostly Reward Videos on ChartBoost. I’m monetizing with optional ads like Crossy Road. Revenue is low, definitely less than my costs in making the game (~$2k all things considered + my time). I thought my download numbers were good but I guess not? Or am I just monetizing poorly?

How does my retention look?

I think I can improve everything with additional content but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Maybe the app business isn’t for me. Maybe I should be patient and try to get featured?

I had an offer from BlueStacks for a revenue split 70/30 their way, to feature the app. Which would pump me to the top of the GooglePlay charts but I’m not sure I like the split - or if it would really make that much money. What do you think?

The problem is download numbers. You need to get at least 100k downloads and more to get good profits. For ad format choices, consider banner, interstitial or even survey in combination with rewarded video, it was annoying but those should able to boost your income by more than 50%.

As for BlueStacks, I don’t know much about it.

Makes sense, thanks man. Is it realistic to get that many downloads somehow? Would getting featured by Google/Apple or a famous youtuber do it?

Yes, it is still realistic to get 100k downloads now. Featured by Google/Apple would definitely help, not sure about Youtuber.