Can I do better with my app launch?

Looking forward to your opinion on what my possible income should or could be.

On app launch, I average 8k daily interstitial impressions(image only) in my music app. 90% of my traffic is US.

My daily average in the last 30 days, added and divided by 30:
Revenue $7 bucks a day
Ecpm is at 0.93 average
Impressions daily 8166

Thanks in advance

How much fill rate is mmedia giving you on average?

Also, What is your average CTR? $0.93 is a bit on the lower side. However, the eCPM would depend upon your CTR, which in turn depends upon when you show the ads, the engagement levels etc.

Fill rate for that 30 days was 96% and mt ctr was 4.62%
Ad shows on app launch. When the app first opens.

I think you can definitely do better… You are making only around 2 cents per click… Some people say CPC’s might be irrelevant these days given the number of CPI campaigns… But for US and that too from millennial I think they should be higher… One good way to judge your network would be to see how many different campaigns you are getting when you open the app couple of times both on wifi as well as on your carrier. If they are mostly same, time to change…

Maybe you can add some other network on exit as well… Try mobfox… They seem to have decent inventory for US. You could also try startapp or appbrain to show the exit ad.

Ok. Thanks for the info.
When I check my app. I only see one ad dating repeatedly. Is start app and app brain good with non gaming apps, I might just use them on app launch

You can try them out if you dont have better options. You are right, they work better if it is a gaming app. The other option is to use mobfox and use their mediation platform to plugin other networks.

You can PM me your app details. I could give you more suggestions.

Thanks very much. I will look into mob Fox. Maybe admob as well, I have never tried there ad net work