can i be publisher and advertiser at same time in ads mobile network company

i will release my app for free this week and i want to add ads on my app and promote it too

so can i make publisher and advertiser at same time in ads mobile network,i mean this money that i will earn from ads on my app can i use it to make ads for my app on the same network company or i should to make payout first then make ads?
and if yes i can,what are the network mobile ads companies allow this?


Hi Caasper,

It would not be a problem with any ad network for you to have an advertiser and publisher account. At Airpush, we don’t have the option to transfer funds from one account to the other, but you can you can always get paid from your publisher account and deposit into your advertiser account.

PM me if you want to chat further.

Airpush Nick

thanks for reply

is airpush support weekly payout?what is minimum?and what is the method to withdraw the earnings ?

We do have weekly payment options.
When using our Bundle 1 SDK, you need to be earning $300 a week from the display ad units for 4 weeks, and then are put on weekly payments. When using our Standard SDK version or mobile web, its $600 a week for 4 weeks. We pay by Paypal or Wiretransfer.

PM me if you have any further questions.

Airpush Nick

Hi again caasper :slight_smile:

We have worldwide non-incent mobile traffic, available for publishers to “purchase”. We can negotiate payment terms on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, if you have a nice game app, we can promote it for free (games only).

For more information, send me a PM or email [email protected]

Hi @caasper,

you can do that at Appnwzt as well. All managed from the same account and the same dhasboard.

Weekly pamewnts start from $2,500 (it’s very high, I know).

Hey Caasper,

Check out Supersonic’s app monetization and advertising platform. We are currently working on a program that will allow you to transfer profit from one account to the other. Feel free to message me for a special promotion for new users and for more info.