Can anybody suggest adnetworks for india ?

Hi most of my users are from india.Do you know any good adnetwork for india except airpush,applovin,admob,startapp…
All help will be appreciated.
I get very low ecpms :(:confused:

P.s:Sorry wrong forum …Mods can you guys move it sorry…

Supposedly Inmobi. They have never been good for me though I don’t have many Indian users and use them through Mopub’s server-to-server option

My eCPM varies from $0.4 to $1 for India. I use only AdMob with a refresh rate of 60 seconds. :slight_smile:

You could try InMobi

Does refresh rate affects Ecpm? I have 30 sec for most of my apps.

Changing the refresh rate from 60 to 30, reduces the number of overall ad impressions by about half and roughly doubling the CTR and eCPM. But for me the revenue stayed roughly the same but the number of adverts I was showing was halved.

I guess then I need to experiment with the refresh rate to see what works best for me.