Calculator HD

Three words describe precision, simplicity and elegance.
Calculator HD has a simple design based on functionality. You will have lots of options and an elegant user interface for everyday use in scientific and basic operations.
Only turn your Android device into landscape mode have a precise scientific calculator, and turn again have a basic calculator for simple operations.
You’re a student, housewife, accountant or mathematician, HD calculator lets you perform all the operations you see fit.
• Modes: Basic scientific vertically and horizontally. The basic or single mode lets you daily operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The scientific or advanced mode enables you to have a complete scientific calculator for complex operations.
• Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.
• Calculations degrees and radians
• System memory where you can store multiple values and then retrieve them when necessary.
• Unlimited history of previous calculations.
• No need to remember values or constants, now you can use them directly during calculations thanks to our collection of constants added to Calculator HD.
• Choose the theme that you like or best suits you. Currently the calculator has the classic linear themes, calculator, ice, red. Gradually add more themes.
• If you entered wrong number by accident, slide your finger to edit it.
• Copy and paste the results directly into the current calculation
• All types of calculations: financial, statistical, engineering, accounting, algebra and geometry. Work with decimal fractions, algebraic formulas, logarithms, square roots, solve equations or just become a master of mathematical knowledge.



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