Buying User Reviews/Ratings is Safe??

I am new here, I see many “Selling Ratings” threads here as well as on, any chances Google find that?
Would they simply delete the reviews or directly ban my account?

Anyone tried that?


Technically it’s against Google Play policies to artificially manipulate your ratings. Asking someone to rate honestly is ok, but paying for 5* ratings is manipulation. There’s not much chance they would find out, but it could happen, and they could ban you. They’ve banned for less.

For iOS, even Apple find out, they simply delete those reviews but not ban you.
Not sure what would Google do for this?

I think it is a risky action.

Specially if the seller sells for you dozens of reviews.

I don’t believe he/ she will have one device per reviewer account.

Probably she/ he have at most 4 devices and use tons of fake accounts in each device to provide reviews.

I think it will call Google’s attention.

You’re better doing 1:1 rating exchange with other developers.

Contact privately developers that interacted in this thread:

Thanks, but exchanging review is too slow…

If you bought bot/fake reviews and rating then it’s not safe, there is a great chance that your app will be removed from the app stores;
But if you bought reviews/ratings from reliable provider, then it’s safe.
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It’s really unnatural way to buy the rating and review for the apps. If you purchase fake or paid review or rating from the apps this will hurts the website.

Dear , the service for ratings and reviews are not stable now days
either google will not approved all reviews or ratings
or if they will then later can remove it
so my suggestion for you, run installs service only
Regarding reviews and rating i would like to inform you that , weather you hire any company , this servie is not stable now days
its mean suppose if buy 100 reviews from either they will only approved 5 or 10%
or may be zero, if they will approved some after 5-7 days they can delete all too
because google and apple both change their algorithm.

further if you will search only for this service mean you wasting your time , and if some one promise to provide you with guaranteed mean he will cheat you
so my best suggestions you should focus on other services

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Buying user reviews or ratings is not safe for your website. It will hurt when google finds it. So, never buy user reviews/ratings.