buying ratings and reviews

Ever heard of an account being banned or app suspended for buying reviews and ratings? My guess is that it cant happen because you could just spend $200 on rating your competition and knock them out of the game.


thats why google doesnt ban for that, a lot of the times buying ratings and reviews does NOT get you banned and Google lets it slide for that exact reason: competitor sabotage.

if anything, it would be wise to buy NEGATIVE reviews/ratings FOR your competitor, but seeing that poorly ranked apps still top the charts these days, it might result in waste of money.


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hah, buying 1 stars for competitors is so messed up. I draw the line there, just wrong.

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I read on google TOS an indication that looks like they have a method of check your app for review boosting. How do you all think this will work as of the latest changes. A new app cant even get position unless it is unique. What ya’ll think ? This is safe? For the guys that are selling the reviews, explain how this works please. You download the app and do the review and rating… then delete? is it one person with 100 accounts or are they all individuals? thx

I also think that Google doesn’t ban you for that, but it might:

  1. Remove the ratings
  2. Flag your app/account and you move down on the ranking ladder (just like they penalize websites with too many low quality backlinks).

There are SOOOO many big apps out there with fake ratings and they don’t seem to get penalized. I also see a lot of apps with suspicious DL/rating ratios. I think we were all hit by those pdates after 10th of December and everyone started to get worse ratings. Now if you want to keep your app 4+, it better be a damn good app, or you need fake ratings. :slight_smile:

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