Buying paid review is worthy for my mobile apps?

Buying paid review is worthy for my mobile apps?

Hello friends, buy app reviews from real users really can help promote your app. High quality app reviews can make your app get more downloads. Data show that nearly 90% users will download an app according to the reviews written by other users. If there are many positive reviews, they will download it. Otherwise, they will download others. So app developers should try their best to get more positive app reviews. Here I recommend you buy app reviews from [b]Reviewapp4u[/b] or [b]Bestreviewapp[/b] , this is the most effective way to get more high quality app reviews. It can help your app get more downloads and also can help boost app ranking in the app store. The more positive app reviews your app get, the higher ranking your app will get.

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Yes, you can pay to get positive reviews in app stores. In fact, it has been a common method for app developers to push their app rank on chart. Therefore, there are few companies that can help you to get the reviews done. But, make sure you deal with reputable ones like AppSally.