Buying or renting

What’s the better option out of the two?

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Buying is always better in my opinion.

I don’t agree with you. Buying is not always better than renting. Even rich people take out loans and mortgages not to give away their money but to invest it. As a result, it will bring even more money. For me, renting is almost always better than buying. Again, it all depends on many factors. For example, not so long ago, I took a mortgage on a room for my restaurant. The guys at Mortgage Advisor Cambridge helped me get the best deal. This was the best option as I used the money I had to buy everything needed for my restaurant, and soon I will open a restaurant. Thus, you should not be so afraid of loans or mortgages.

I agree, that buying is not a long-term earning goal. Live in the rental apartment and use or invest that money wisely.

Buying s the best and suitable option.