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All our reviewers are required to rate 4/5-star ratings and write a good and honest review after downloading and totally experiencing an app we provide. The reviews must contains 20 to 40 words, including users’ thoughts or even suggestions for your app instead of a normal review like “I love this app”.
Besides this,developers are able to give a score to the reviews they received.Reviewers with high scores will have priority to review apps for developers,which will eliminate the low-quality reviewers eventually and improve the review quality at the same time.

We own a huge app group

So far, we have already gathered over 30,000 iPhone users and over 20,000 Android users all over the world. And the number is still increasing. To become our reviewers, they will have to install our Mobile Client on their device first, Our Mobile Client will authenticate the device to guarantee their genuineness.

We are strict with the quality of our service

We are aim to provide good reviews for our developers. Also we are working on exploring and preventing any cheating behaviors. We have tried to limit the users IP, one IP address can be only used to register a unique reviews account.We also have limits for the reviewer account, iPhone reviewers’ Apple ID nickname cannot be modified.
Besides, we have developed an app for reviewers, they’ll have to install it on their device before reviewing any apps. The app can not only authenticate the device’s uniqueness,but also can detect if the apps were installed and opened before writing a review.More than this, one device is limited for a unique Apple ID,and it cannot be modified.

We care about your business

Some new developers have some worries when they buy app reviews.They worry about the app has the risk to be removed from the app store by Apple or the Google.
Actually, we care about your app and your business more.We have hire ASO expert,we’d love to evaluate your app and give your some suggestions and help you to create an appropriate plan for free to promote your app and your business well.

We are flexible and cost-effective

We’re responsive and flexible.If you want to pause or make some changes to an already started order,we’ll adjust it for you.Even though you hope to modify a completed review,we’ll contact the relevant reviewers to update the review on the app store as soon as possible for you.

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We have spent the last 4 years building a reputation for good app reviews service for developers.We also have served more than thousands of developers and helped them to get success with their apps.We are trusted and preferred by our beloved app developers customers.

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