buy app ratings Why you Should buy app ratings to promote your app?

App store optimization is central to mobile app promotion. it is a cost effective strategy that helps your app gain traction and stand out from the competition. ASO makes use of basic strategies that almost every developer and marketer can understand. This includes keyword research and optimization, and creating high quality and attention-grabbing app titles and descriptions. App ratings have a big impact on your app’s ranking in the app store. The higher the average ratings, the higher your app is going to rank, thus encouraging more people to download it. So you have an excellent reason to buy app ratings.

So Why You Need to Buy App Ratings
The following example can provide you a clear idea why you should buy app ratings. Imagine someone who is looking for your gaming app. If your app has higher average ratings, it is highly likely to rank higher compared to competitors. Once the user has come across your app in app store searches, they will notice the high average ratings. In fact, average rating is the first thing noticed by any user (obviously, after the app’s name and icon).

If your app doesn’t have high ratings, it is highly likely that the user will leave and go to check other apps. This is why it is so important to boost your app’s ratings. If you don’t buy app ratings, the only other strategy is to wait for years so that your users can leave organic reviews and ratings. However, a lot will then depend on the user experience and quality of your app and there will be no assurance that you could achieve a high average rating.

Impact of Ratings on User Behavior
App store ratings impact rankings because they have an influence on the app store algorithm. But there is also another side to it – user behavior.
Apple made changes to its App Store algorithm in 2013, increasing the importance of ratings on rankings. If your app has an average rating of less than 3, it will rank much lower compared to apps with ratings of 4 or 4+. Both Apple and Google have never made it official how app ratings can influence app rankings, there are some proven factors discovered through hit and trial. This includes:

  1. The quality of ratings
  2. The quantity of ratings
  3. The number of downloads
  4. How much your app is used
  5. Number of uninstalls
  6. Increase in number of installs in a specific period of time
  7. The density of keywords on your app’s page

Years of experience in the app store optimization industry has proven that app ratings are important to app store ranking. So instead of waiting for years to see how your app’s average ratings are affected, it makes all the sense to buy app ratings. This is a time-saving and economical strategy that helps put your app higher in the app search results without having to wait for years. So if you want to drive faster results, make sure to consider this paid strategy.

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