Buy android app installs for only $0.2

Hi, my name is Henrik and I am an android app developer. I have a couple of apps on Google Play. I know how hard it can be to get your app known by the android community and the android users.

Only the biggest apps with most downloads are seen in the top lists.

Now you can be one of them. I recently found a way to get android app installs and I am now selling this service to you.
In a couple of days you could have 1000 installs. For as little as $0.20/install you can get your app to explode on the top lists!
I can also do country targeted installs for only $0.24/install!

Believe me, this really works!

If you are interested and want to order or just get more information contact me on Skype! My skype id: henkepenka

Best Regards

Where are they coming from? Incentive or non-incentive?

Incentive, people get rewards for installing apps… But they are 100% real people!

$0.20 for an incentivized user isn’t necessarily a good deal…

Maby, maybe not. But it’s a safe, fast and accurate way to get the installs. Just tell me how many installs you want per day, and will put up a campaign for you.

i thought it is 0.02

$0.2 it is…

The market price for such installs is $0.10.

Thats possible, but I take $0.2, and if the order is large I might give a little discount.

I can start deliver right away.

I also sell facebook likes, twitter followers, twitter retweets, pinterest followers and much more! Contact me on skype if you’re interested. Skype id: henkepenka

what volume can you do per day in USA?

Why should anyone here pay you 0.20 when we can just as easily pay 0.10?

Why would anyone buy installs from you at a $0.2 price if they can get them for $0.1 from somewhere else?

volume of installs?

You can easily buy 10k daily installs from Tapjoy just by targeting around 10-15 countries (not including any Asian countries).

at 10c a pop? but can you buy 10k daily installs from USA alone for 20c?

I can’t login to my tapjoy account for some reason to give you better insights but I remember when I ran campaigns with tapjoy in March and I was spending around $1000 per day at a $0.10 price (I had a daily budget of $1000 so more installs could have been delivered if I had a higher budget). Most of the installs came the USA, but can’t say if 25% or 50%. But surely over 25%.

This guy can’t give you 10k installs. Read OP. He needs a couple of days to get you 1000 non-targeted installs.

Let’s face it - this is an opportunist looking to rip off fellow developers (in a forums meant to share and help each other). Probably a dev who decided it is easier to make money off other developers - he buys installs at 0.10 and sells to you at 0.20 :slight_smile:

We offer as low as $0.12 cent per install. And we’re able to derive ten of thousands of daily installs.

show me the math


I am interested in your offer, Please add me on skype.