Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50mm optical sight - as new - $449

I bought this scope new and put it on my .30-06 when I lived in North Carolina, where longer shots are not uncommon. I moved here to Florida a couple of weeks later and didn’t really feel the need to take out the .30-06, and if I ever do, I definitely won’t need a 2.5-16x scope. This sight was set up by a gunsmith, and I aimed at it with a box of cartridges, and it hasn’t fired since. With only 20 rounds and always stored in a case or safe, it looks like new. Sell with rings included, if you want. Located in Sarasota. They ask for $ 449.https://us.v-cdn.net/6030354/uploads/editor/nc/ge26trgjq118.jpg

Quite nice one, a friend of mine uses it. Says its better than all he used before.

As I am interested in going to hunting with my dad, he is always showing me his rifle scopes that he is loving, yet every time they break and he is getting mad lol. I was thinking about buying him a night vision scope, I came across your scope and ATN X-Sight LTV 5-15x, because I really think those are two best ones. I even asked the guy from rifle shop that is near our house, he said that x-sight ltv has a better zoom yet more durable. I got him this one few months ago and he is using it till now. I think u should consider this one aswell and not hurry with buying.