Burstly SDK

Hi guys,
I just bought the Samsung Galaxy mini just for the testing issues in relation with my game (it looks and works horrific at the moment on this device as I found out :D) and I started to browse through logcat reports. What I found out is that something bad happens with my Audio system, which of course doesn’t happen on my HTC HD2. I was curious if this was related with my game only or was it general issue, so I installed Angry Birds to find it out. Of course it turned out that it was related to my game… but nevertheless my eyes caught different log information which was reported within the game [1]. Anyone familiar with it? Heres the web link: http://www.burstly.com

[1] D/Burstly SDK v. MemoryCookieStorage(6168)"

Nope - never heard of this network before. Looking at the website though it seems quite impressive. Could be a worthwhile ad mediation platform to investigate.

Could be, but first they need to activate my account and unfortunately this process takes a lot of time :confused:

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