Building a simple virtual currency system into your app

We have all heard of/used/seen these Virtual Currency apps like Tapjoy etc right?

It occurred to me that you could also go down the (maybe not so successful) route of building your own virtual currency into the app with your own deals and offers for earning the currency.

I don’t just mean “like use on facebook for 20 coins”, more like “view this video ad for 20 coins”, or “download an app for 50 coins”.

Obviously you can’t track the installs and views yourself, but more that you reward the user after a call to the ad unit. Some users would realise they could get the coins without completing the action, but most users would follow through.

This could work well if you don’t want to use a company like TapJoy.

The question is, do normal ad networks allow it? Or is it against their T&Cs to incentivise non-incentivised ad traffic.
If anyone has any knowledge about this please share it!

It is the worst sin in normal ad networks. :slight_smile:

Ah well that settles that then haha.