Build a DB of indie friendly graphics, sound, video, etc people


Please consider creating a online Google Spreadsheet (or whatever) that people can add graphics guys/etc that they have used and been happy with.

This way, we get access to good talented people, they get more clients and everyone is happy.

For now we could post here, I think?

I recommend Olga Bikmullina. Creates SVG graphics + animations in Spine2D. She recently made and animated a character for a 2D platformer I’m making.

Good idea @mind. I’m actually working on a new project at the moment - a wiki to go alongside the forums. That might be a good place for collaborative lists such as this one.

Here’s a page I created this morning: Multimedia resources. Check it out, you should be able to log in with your forum credentials and edit the page. Let me know what you think!

Great and if there is any progress happends or something stay there only?

Koi mri help kr dy … admob pr kse account bnate h or kse km krte h plzzzz