Breakfast Food?

I am rethinking my approach to food. I’ve been leaning way into a WFPB/Vegan diet. I am also trying to follow the recommendations of a dietician I saw last summer about eating protein every time I eat something carby. Unfortunately, after I saw her I did step up the protein. Animal protein. I was eating two eggs every breakfast and making sure I ate more (animal) protein at lunch and then dinner as usual (which did include animal protein already). I also switched to whole grains. What this did was move my A1C back into the normal range from a pre-diabetic range. However, my triglycerides went through the roof and I had never had any cholesterol issues. So my doc was very much like red meat, eggs, and cheese need to go because either the increase in animal protein sent my triglycerides through the roof or the test was simply off but she said we would retest in 6 months.

So I’ve switched into plant based proteins like 90% of the time. And while I don’t seem to be having any trouble with protein intake for lunch or dinner, breakfast is holding me back. I’ve been eating mostly steel cut oatmeal in the mornings. Now, I know there is a little bit of protein in the soy milk I soak the oats in. And on occasion I use a little fresh ground PB to flavor the oats too. But I’m stumped on how I can up my protein intake for breakfast without adding in ultraprocessed powders and such.

And then last week, Delta Dawn said on the dinner thread that she sometimes eats raw tofu for breakfast. And I was like, maybe I need to think outside the box a bit more as far as breakfast goes. Maybe I should eat something other than “breakfast” food. Anyone eat something other than “breakfast” foods for breakfast? What do you eat? Am I just weird? Or have any ideas about how to add protein to my oatmeal?

My friend makes tofu scramble for breakfast. I haven’t tried it but she and her DH love it.

I’m the same way, but I’ve found that having a little something for fuel is key to starting the day right. Lately, I’ve been sticking to simple yet satisfying options like a banana with a smear of low-sugar peanut butter.
On the cooking front, I’ve been getting creative with my meals and recently started using organic coconut milk powder. It’s not only does it add a rich, creamy texture to dishes, but buying it bulk coconut milk powder has also helped me save some money.
When it comes to lunch, I love the idea of using baby spinach instead of lettuce in a sandwich. Spinach is one of those superfoods that packs a nutritional punch, so it’s always a go-to for me when I’m looking to add a little something extra to my meals.