Brazil in app purchases prices

Hi to all, this is my first message here. I am getting more downloads from Brazil than other countries and i don’t know why (it is not my country) ahah! I love Brazil :smiley: Anyway, i am not receiving any purchase from Brazil, while other countries are doing better, even if downloads from Brazil are 3x more. Should i lower my product prices? For example, i have a product price set at 1.25 USD, or 1.34 Eur. This corresponds roughly to 4,91 BRL. Is this price too high? Indonesia is another country with a good number of downloads but with no purchases at all. I am trying to understand the average app prices for those countries, as well as their average monthly earning and so on, but i would like to here from other devs.
Thank you.

It is a photo app.

Brazil has been experiencing a financial crisis, which caused the dollar price to jump from 2,80 BRL to almost 4 BRL.
I think it’s very unlikely to someone pay more than 1,99 BRL for a simple Android app, for iOS it should be ok.

Also Brazil has a very young population, compared to other countries. These youngsters do not own creditcards. And they are very critical with app ratings; their avarage rating is quite low. They seem to expect that they get everything for free. Asiatic people are much more friendly, at least if it concerns apps…

Hi. I’m from Brazil. My experience is that Brazilians don’t like to expend money with apps and games (and it is true for both younger and I elder people).

Of course there are exceptions, but it is the most common to expect. iPhone’s users tend to expend more than Android users (but I believe it’s true all around the world).

Hi. I’m also from Brazil. My experience is that Brazilians like to spend money on apps and games .

Hi, buddy.

It seems we have different millage :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you are from India, and you are just typing some bullshit to promote that link in your signature.

yeah you can get the purchases after promoyion and for that you can contact me on

I’ve three paid apps, referring to my little experience, the price doesn’t affect that much in sales, I noticed that users whom have the attitude of buying apps, will buy it, but others will not, even for half of the price.

I noticed too a strange behavior, when I reduced the price to half, sales reduced too, and later when I turned back to the first price, the Highest, sales increased.

Maybe we need kind of socialist to provide us some explanations!

I have the impression that Google Play places more expensive apps higher in the rankings. That would encourage people to spend more money on apps, and its profitable for Google as well. In that respect could raising your price result in more sales. And yes, I’m a socialist, and I’m proud of it…

I think if you reduce price to half, people subconsciously think there something wrong with an app or with a product, and it’s not being sold, well, at least that’s how it works for me. Because everyone want to sell the product at the highest price and make the most money, and if you lower the price you want to attract customers.

Maybe e-commerce is not so developed in Brazil, and locals aren’t so awared comparing to Europe, Canada or the USA and have lack of trust. Or maybe it concerns only digital technologies. You should analyze the market

e-commerce is one of the hottest areas in Brazil We are suffering from financial crisis at the moment, yet e-commerce is skying rock here. The problem I see is cultural. People don’t see problems to buy physical goods but don’t think it worth to expend on virtual goods. It is slooooooowly changing, but at the moment I reassure: vast majority of Brazilians don’t buy virtual goods because they see it as a waste of money.