[Brain Game] boxquest

Hi guys!
I really need your help. Please check out a brain game with simple gameplay:
Share your impressions about it here.

Here is the QR-code of a market link:


During thirty weeks, the app has reached thousands of downloads on markets such SlideMe, AndroidFreeware, GetJar etc.
Suitable for all ages, boxquest gives you an amazing opportunity to exercise your brain.

Since the last versions, boxquest looks a way better and has some new features to offer.
New really difficult stages keep arriving every week. Enjoy playing one of the finest of underrated brain games.

Hi there. I have tried your game. I can see that you have a lot of good ideas. I think your success may be being hampered by your user interface. You’ve chosen a new and innovative menu system, which is great, but unfortunately because it is different it is not immediately understandable. It took me about a minute to actually make it into the game because I was spending that time learning how to navigate the menus. Also, once in game, it was unclear exactly how to play. A tutorial or even a simple instructions screen would make a world of difference.

I hope you find this helpful.
Good luck!