Boost your android app's ranking- Winter DISCOUNT! [ September 25th - October 1st ]

Hello, there!
KeyApp.Top is announcing a WEEKLY DISCOUNT!

Winter is coming and Christmas is just around the corner which means, it’s time for BIG MONEY!
A pre-holiday period of November – December is the best time for app developers to earn. You have about a month to boost your applications to the top positions on Google Play to get the biggest revenue of the year.
From September 25th - October 1st, you will get TWO bonuses for each single transaction:

[li] Any Payments less than 999$ receive a 25% bonus to payment amount[/li][li] Payments more than 1000$ receive a 50% bonus to payment amount[/li][/ul]

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We’ll have similiar discount on Black Friday (24th November). :cool:

Big update : had added Brazil to order both keyword and package installs. so it’s a good opportunity to rank your app/game
From now on you can promote your Android apps in one of the most actively mobile growing region in the world.

Register by using this link - Android keywords promotion and you will have a Free bonus installs to promote your Apps/games, up to 500 installs for free ! :slight_smile:

So many place there they also provide same discount offers.

To boost marketing it has to be well built because if the app is good than it will certainly do good in the market.

Keyword position in the search result is one of the prime factor duet owhich it is determined whether your app be downloaded by targert user or not.

65% success is directly depend on the search posion of your app.

Trying to increase the numbers of keyword installs, you need to take competent App Store Consult to place relevant and traffic keywords to your app page. Being awared about nuances of apps’ marketing play important role in boosting your app ranking, which help you gain more organic installs. There are several sourses which offer decent market analysis before to deliver you keyword installs: one of them is KeenMobi. This company is heard already as famous one in app promotion and their keyword installs as well keyword optimization’s quality are realy satisfied.

Bellow I have developed my own insight before you launch the keyword installs campaign:

  1. Try to launch several GEOs for keyword campaign.
  2. Check provider whether they offer real people service
  3. Payments options: e.g. PayPal
  4. Buy some ratings & reviews to confirm the result results by adding keywords into the reviews.

KeenMobicompany provides keyword installs to affect into your ranking position in the search result, besides they have launched innovative service of guaranteed top 1-5 keyword position, so it is ready made solution have removed the range of obstacles which were in front of app’s owners to occupate the needed position in the desired keywordsearch.

Skype: “keenmobi”

I hope this helps!

Update : added +11 new regions for Android and iOS. From now you can promote your apps in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand

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