Books we should read

Hey guys, as we all know, both practice and theory are equally important. In order to make better apps/games we should spend a lot of time getting our hands dirty, but it is also important to continue learning so we got better tools to work with. I created this thread so we can all share valuable books we have read, so we can construct a sort of library for apps development. We can classify it under programming, apps/game design, marketing, etc. As you post new books, i can include them in the initial post and start constructing the library.

So i will start by posting the best 3 books i read last year which i found really useful:

-Level up: the guide to great video game design. Scott Rogers (2010)
-The Art of Game Design: A book of Lenses. Jesse Schell (2008)


  • 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People. Susan Weinschenk (2011)

Hope you can all share the great books you have read :wink:

Beginning Android Games by Mario Zechner. Fantastic book which I started my adventure through.