I wanted to know people’s opinions about bitcoin. I’m not here to promote it, but rather to gather people’s thoughts about what they think of it, discuss whether it is a practical tool, and potentially decide whether such a monetary tool can be used within an online independent music infrastructure to generate simpler and more direct revenue streams.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, please go here.

I personally see some of the main advantages of bitcoin as a way to pay for the production work I do online around the world. Do any of you guys currently accept bitcoins for work ? I actually think that with the right systems in place, it would be possible to create an online royalty payment system that pays artists directly from fans without any third-party fees. What are you thinking about ?

I think it’s not worth paying attention to bitcoin, it’s just waste of money and time

Hey, Muller21Wr. In my personal opinion, it’s you can make some money from bitcoin but you need to know how to do it. I advise you to read Mastering Bitcoin, in this book you will find a lot of useful information about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Also, for example, if you will convert bitcoin in another cryptocurrency, I advise you to use special sites that will help you to secure your personal data from other people. Personally, I prefer using this crypto mixer. I think that that’s one of the best sites because it’s easy to use so even a newbie will understand how to use this mixer.

Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM

Why do you think so? I think you are not right. Bitcoin provide a lot of possibilities for our modern world of digital technologies. You can make payments, buy products/services, earn money on trading and so on. Of course there can be problems with anonymity, but btc tumbler from can help with this!

The all I know about bitcoin is, it’s a digital currency…

buying cryptocurrency is not all that needs to be done to make a profit. These people have different stories, they purchased coins under different circumstances and some of them still hold bitcoin, someone sold it, and someone parted with it against their will. And each of them went on his own, unique path. Now there are services such as

Cryptocurrency has become very relevant and many people keep their savings just the same on cryptocurrency wallets, I decided to invest my money there. After searching the Internet for ways to earn money on cryptocurrency, I saw an interesting project that uses bitcoin robot. This is a robot that makes trades on the cryptocurrency exchange for you and works around the clock without pauses.