Bitcoin Virtual Cash

Do you know any extensions where we can do Bitcoin stuff and exange , earnings, minings and stuff. It’s like the real bitcoin but it’s only for forums, no real bitcoin. It would be really cool.

I heard Metamask is a great one.

Thanks for the extension, OP. It might be a really good tool to learn more about cryptocurrency without any risks of losing all your money.
I’ve been trying to enter crypto last few weeks. I’ve spent most of the time reading websites like octo crypto io, about different currencies and things one can do with them.
One of my biggest fears about crypto is the price of some biggest currencies and the feeling that my investment is insignificant and will not bring any profit. Another fear is that cryptocurrencies are too distanced from reality. It might be difficult to withdraw the real money from your virtual wallet.
This, too, will hopefully help me get over these fears.

try Phantom Wallet, so nice ext in Chrome and very safety too

I heard Metamask is a great one.

yep, it’s true too, but Phantom is more secure

Metamask is a great one.

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