Big League - for those who earn on Android Apps above $1,000 a day

First, a little introduction.

I started making Android apps as a secondary business back in 2010. My profit grew steadily up to $3-5K per month till 2012, when I decided to put more attention to Android apps.
I am not a developer, I am mostly a person who can organize processes, build a team and make it all working.
Having implemented some strategies, for the last year I increased my earnings 10-20 times. The last months results were aggregated $70K a month. Of course, I am not just by myself in the project already.

The next target is hitting the 7 digits/month barrier. I believe this is reachable within 2-3 months period.

It seems like a very good progress. But I believe, this is not enough.

I have some limitations and some issues now. Human resources, developers issues, Google policies, etc etc etc. At the same time, I have some really good and invaluable knowledge how to monetize, how to promote - what is good and what is bad for Android apps.

I use some specific software created specifically for my purposes. I do some really good tricks to get more downloads/money.

OK, What I am looking for now… I want to exchange some knowledge, ideas and best practices with some SUCCESSFUL Android developers. To make buddies and boost our revenues together.
What is the criteria? $30K/month earnings and higher. How to validate? Skype screen sharing or Teamviewer / showing statistics for the last month in any ad network, for example.

Maybe, I want to create/join a “big league” club. Here or in any other place. Personally, I will be grateful to pay for access to an internal closed section of the forum available for subscribers only (say, $10/50 a month, it doesn’t matter). But I understand this is not an easy task and maybe not too many people would join to share ideas.

Sorry, I will not be sharing my practices with everybody. Information is the most valuable thing. Contact me if you fit the criteria only and can prove it.

Thank you in advance.

Interesting that you have problems with Google’s policies… do you operate in a “gray area” ?

nothing like malware etc… copyright issues sometimes.

Just wondering what kind of apps do you develop? Mind sharing a link to your apps?

Do you honestly think he’d do that? lol

Lol… anytime someone will not tell you their apps, they have something to hide. Maybe its just porn apps. Maybe it is icon drops in wallpapers. Then we get to the more gray areas. Apps that just link to videos on Youtube. Apps with other sorts of infringement. And worse…

Wrong…I don’t show people my apps because there’s assholes who will report them…Seriously…I showed some guy I barely knew a few apps of mine…20 minutes later I have DMCA notices from some random ass guy who has 2 shitty apps…obviously the idiot I showed my apps…and trust me my apps weren’t going anywhere they had 7k+ ratings each…So no…just because you don’t want to show people how you make money doesn’t mean you’re “hiding” anything. Some people just want privacy.

isn’t this thread against the ideals of a forum? if you are not willing to cooperate with everybody, stay in your room…
Just my opinion, probably biased because i haven’t managed to earn $100 yet :slight_smile:

Please let me know where I can take a look / review the ideals of this forum you are talking about. Maybe I missed it during the registration process. I will be happy to remove my message if it contradicts any forum rules.

I agree with you, my friend. Privacy is important. Some trade secrets are even more important. And nobody cancelled the competition.

This topic is also discussed in this separate thread by David:

I think what Baksai may mean is that a “forum” already makes it a place for discussion - suggesting a public place of discourse.

What you are asking for a narrower interpretation of it - which is still possible on this forum via “Direct Messages” between members. In addition some users have previously offered restricted info (only revealing ideas for $300) and they have taken that discussion off this forum.

So restricted discussion will necessarily take place in some restricted place.

Given the mobile space is so fluid - and ideas can quickly be incorporated by many - closing the opportunity window - what is the value of a LARGE private discussion forum ?

In addition, in the type of transactions you are envisioning - where info is exchanged between members (and that info is worth a lot of money) - HOW do you envision those 5 or 10 people in that private forum will feel comfortable discussing anything ? In addition when such high stakes are in play - it would seem the discussions would require 1-1 privacy - so your discussion with member 1 of the private group does not get seen by members 2 to 100 of that private group - which necessarily is demanding a 1-1 solution. That is, EVEN within the private forum you WILL NEED further restrictions of info flow. How do you propose to do that. What you are requiring is a special channel outside the public or relatively public forum that will exist in an open forum and a private forum respectively - in essence you are requiring a SECURITY infrastructure that allows seamless integration of a forum to a skype-like channel - so members can easily be added (and you know they are the same member as on the forum).

To me it seems the real functionality in demand here is ability to integrate video conferencing into the forum. Sort of a skype-for-makingmoneywithandroid etc.

Man, I am amazed how you are misinterpret my words.

The main reason of my thread is to find like-minded people to exchange some ideas. It’s not a shout about organizing a private forum. Including, inter alia, an appeal to think about some paid section of the forum to exclude random people and give some users some sort of credibility. It’s a “nice to have” feature and I would be glad to participate in.

I don’t need any “followers” and I don’t want to “buy a forum” like you mentioned in another thread. You should not think on behalf on other people. But I understand how you feel.
I think the further discussion is losing its meaning.

I’ve got some response from this topic, I am grateful to people who got in touch. And I am grateful to the owners of this forum to organizing and developing this forum.
I hope, more contacts coming.

I wish you all a good weekend and talk to you on Monday.

I think you should be aware - that when you start a topic - it will not always stay on topic.

Viewers are likely to examine (esp. given David shoutout to examine the ramifications of such things) interpret all the likely outcomes of such a change.

Your outrage is as much of an overreaction as the overreaction of the responses. You should be thankful people spent 5 minutes of their lives to think about your problem.

EDIT: by the way I do not oppose your need to have a private message board - it’s just that how private will a message board be if it has 100 private members ?

Your post was addressing two questions - one of you finding contacts - and another regarding changes to a forum or modifications for a certain purpose.

ProfessorDD, do you mind to tell us how many apps/downloads do you have to get this level of income? Thanks.

ProfessorDD I think what you are about to do is something of real value. Getting together experts to share ideas should definitely help you reach the next level. I am just starting out so I am nowhere near your revenue but I intend on going all the way with this. I hope you will still hang around the general forum to drop some tips now and then.

Several hundred apps. It was a long way.

I will be happy to share some experience and be a useful member of this community, though I am not a classical “forum guy” and can be here only occasionally. Not in this thread, though - this one is for other purposes, to find some specific people to talk to exchange ideas.

However, I don’t position myself as an expert, I was just lucky enough to be in right place on right time. I believe I am still in the beginning of my way and we have experts on this forum who has much more experience, “tricks and hint” to share.

I’ve just one question ProfessorDD, do you make your revenue from app sales/IAP or advertising?