Big drop impressions in ALL my apps

Hi guys,

I’m worried about my app’s impressions. Since 31 March, I noticed about a big drop in all my apps. I have some friends with similar problems in their apps.
It seems google are having some problems with google play, some users reported no stats for dev console.

Have you guys same issue?


I noticed it too…today it is 1/3 of ytd :frowning:

I think it must be a Google problem. I try to download my apps form several devices and I get no problem. Maybe google servers are down in other countries?

Yup, I’m taking a big hit… yesterday and even worse today (April 2).

My RPM is usually about $2.90… But today it’s getting worse and worse by the hour… was around $1.60 in the early afternoon, now it’s $1.33.

Another thing I noticed:

  • All my Google Play Store app download numbers had taken a beating yesterday. Not sure why… it was steady for a whole month. This may contribute to the low Admob impressions and revenue, but doesn’t explain low RPM.

  • My iOS app download numbers did not get affected (this is the only good news), but AdMob impressions and RPMs are low.

Google might be cooking the books! They’re messing with the numbers in order to steal money from developers, pay less tax, and keep their investors happy! Maintenance and system issues are just smoke and mirrors for them to do this! There’s no other logical explanation for the stats changing so much. :mad::mad::mad:

I wonder if it has anything to do with the new terms of service that Google came out with on March 28. I’m wondering if certain ad services were affected by the new rules, so a mass of people left and started using AdMob. Lots of devs on AdMob means fewer high-bid ads to go around, thus the advertisers with lower bids were fortunate to get their ads displayed, and so the developers get less revenue. I think I read this somewhere too, but I may not know what I’m talking about either…

me too seeing less number of impressions daily. that’s why I want to spread the risk across multiple networks.

The same happened to me, thankfully yesterday was okayish again so lets hope it gets back to normal again.

Got a massive drop in downloads for most of my apps too… About 33% less downloads week on week. Of course no change and no explanation. ****1ng frustrating

Some 20% drop in downloads on google play, but on samsungapps a huge drop of over 80%.

I might also add that paid apps for me has gone up bigtime over the last 10 days, about 40% up for android and over 60% up for iOS apps.

Ecpm went to shit for me, but downloads and rankings are better.

Same here. My admob revenue was dropped by 10% but from tomorrow it seem Google admob getting stable and has overcome from the huge drop now. And the download counts from Google play are not too dad though… Overall it’s not a big change for me. :thumbup:

Looks like Google had this up there sleeve for some time now. Yet another Google tactic to strong-arm pub’s and ad networks.