Beware when you publish your app on Google Play!


I just want to give you a heads up when you’re publishing an app to Google Play.

I had an apk for a new app in the console that I uploaded more than a week ago (for testing purposes with google game services). 3 hours ago I uploaded the final apk and decided to publish the app. I can now find my app on Google Play in both the web and the mobile version. However, the version of the app is the one from one week ago (which was far from finished and contains a lot of bugs) and not the one I uploaded 3 hours ago.

So beware of this when you publish your app! It would be good to wait for around a day for the latest apk to be available so that when you finally publish your app it will use the latest version!

It can take a few hours before the apk is published on Google Play. You should only publish tested apps because you are publishing to the public. If you want you can upload a beta or alpha version on Google Play, this way you can distribute apk’s to testers and the production version remains available for other users. If you compare Google Play with other app stores you will find that Google Play is in fact pretty fast with publishing your apk’s. For example on Samsung it can take a few day’s before your app is tested and published.