Beware! eskiMob is Mobario!


Look what I found, If you use eskiMob on your apps and you installed it on your phone, Check your Android data, you will see “” folder, with Crossrider folder too which owned by eskiMob, see attached.

They are triyng to fool us! Be careful.


I hate those scammers

I thought about this all the time! and so did my friends from the Iron team!!
Eskimob could you please comment here and clarify this issue out?

thanks in advance,


That is why Eskimob folded already, people caught on.

It’s-a me, Mobario!

mmmkkksss are you still using Minimob? are they still pay way better? I can see from your signature,

eskiMob promised us payouts last week and i haven’t received a penny yet! anyone received a payout from eskiMob?