Betting Tips [FREE][Review Exchange]

Hello everyone.

I recently published my second android app on google play called Betting Tips.

As the name suggests, the app is about betting. We carefully pick bets that will likely win and also have high odds.

It is totally free to use and is ad supported.

You can find it here:

Leave a review (and +1) if you like it and i will return the favor!

Thank you very much!

wow, thank you guys, personally I prefer betting, as it brings me money, so I try to guess the outcome of the games, but with your app I guess it will be helpful so I will mostly win my bets

hm, I’m interested in your app, and I would like to ask if this app gives the real predictions, because I’m betting, and it’s really important to me my bet will be winning one. To be honest, it’s important for me as I bet with the help of this site (click here), as there are advantageous promotions and high rates that allow me to win a lot :slight_smile: To be honest, I have a purpose to earn $ 2000 for this month, so it’s vital to make bets that will be winning ones

2000? Are you kidding? How could you earn so much with the help of betting site???

The apps is wonderful, thanks for create and share the apps. I have tested place my betting at this site, and I got very lucky and win some games!

Nowadays, sports betting is very common, because it is a good way to have fun and make extra money, just visit the website of a proven sports bookmaker and start winning. This often happens in some bookmakers when players start winning. Therefore, this problem is not new. In this case, only a change of office of the bookmaker will help. I play here alone, I never had such problems. You can try.

Good day to all! If you, like me, were looking for a side job or an interesting hobby, then I want to tell my experience Sports betting! It turns out that it is very interesting and indeed you can earn a lot! I never thought about it, but now, on maternity leave, I amuse myself and can make a contribution to the family budget! This is very cool and recommends to everyone! If you’re interested, ask a question, I will tell you everything I know.