Betting and Dating push notifications by Airpush

Does it also happen to you that AirPush notifications send users dating and betting ads to low maturity apps? Moreover, dating campaigns are set to be excluded for all of my apps.
Apps that focus on allowing users to find each other and communicate should be rated medium maturity or high maturity.

Betting notifications.jpg Dating push notifications.jpg

Well the notification ads are now dead so you can relax mate

How come!! This sounds strange though. If this happened then it must had been an error. no ad network with a policy for children such as Airpush will afford to make such a critical action on purpose. Contact Airpush for that. They should fix that immediately. I’ve been with Airpush for years now and this has never occured to me. I’m sure they will sort it out.

@appsg Ditto

hm, what’s wrong if you receive notifications of low maturity? Are you afraid of getting acquainted with young girls?)

Personally I would like to say, that age is a simple number and nothing more. Frankly speaking I’ve always been thinking so due to that I dated with girls that were much younger than me thanks to topface dating app (for example she was 18 but I was 28) and it didn’t bother either of us. Really, agree with me, because it’s stupid to end any relationship with a person if you have a great difference in the age, it really sounds stupidly. Moreover, now I date with a girl that is older than me (I’m 30 but she’s 38) and she looks young and the way of thinking if really like she’s 25-30… You know, I understand that it’s not the end and I will date with a lot of girls and women but you should know, that age is not the obstacle (I mean reasonable limits and at the age of majority)