Best websites for apps reviews? Help! :)

how are you guys?

We have 2 apps on the air right now

The thing is we want to promote our apps because the graphics are not going up anymore haha…

So until now we did not try ads…
But we have an experience with ANDROID, they reviewed our app (STICKMAN WALLPAPER) Stickman Wallpaper Brings Pixelated Warriors Together In Mortal Cartoon Combat
and those days we won more than 130 dollars.

The thing is we prefer app reviews than paying for ads because of this free experience we had with android police (thank u android police!!!)

We wanted to know what is the best website to have your app reviewed??
We have a budget of $150 aprox.

thanks a lot!

The team!

Someone out there to help us?

If you are looking for free reviews, I would say try all the android related websites. Most of them have a mail or a form for app submission. If the apps are good, they will pick it up from the hundreds of other requests, hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend you get app store reviews, because most people will check the app reviews before downloading an app, and 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, users will be convinced by the positive reviews.