Best way to promote your app

Hello guys!

As we all know the the life, the success and the revenue of an app are almost 100% based on the promotion of the app.
Where is the best place to promote your app? (facebook, google ads, blogs searched and found by hand, journalists, bloggers, posters, campuses, highschools or just the basic word of mouth)

I’m sure that many of you already have performant scripts and techniques for promoting your apps exactly in the right place at the right time. I know that the main factor is the app quality, design, sound etc. But from the marketing perspective what may be the free or cheapest ways to achive a “grassroot”-like effect for spreading your app, also taking in consideration that I don’t live in a “high quality” land like USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy? I’m sure there’s a way to succeed from here too :smiley:

I’m asking if you may want to share some of these ways and techniques here or on PM.

Best advice I can give you is to do not spend a cent in promoting, you need to work hard the ASO and the most important thing is to implement a house ads, I was using MoPub for that but finally I ended up creating my own

Thanks! I’m sorry, I’m pretty new to this, what exactly do you mean with house ads? Some sort of ads that actually promote my current app or my other apps?

So in your opinion, I shouldn’t flood the social networks (facebook, twitter), bloggess, news sites (digg, techcrounch, engadged, gizmodo, reddit), youtube, journalists, blogs with press releases, videos and screens from my apps and just focus on the ASO and house ads? Aren’t those also a free alternative for some additional juice? :slight_smile:

May you give me some examples of succesfull promoted apps or stats of apps using your strategy?

Hi Alecs,

Sharing my experience with u. It should help:
Use a network which allows cross promote ur apps. Admob, mopub, mC are free to use. Chartboost is paid. By using cross promo u allocate ads impression to your other/new apps.

U can also implement your own cross promo code which I think is the best way to go. If u want to see example of custom made cross promo then search for the developer dexati on google play. The guy publishes average to crappy apps and uses own cross promotion to boost downloads of his newer as well old apps.

@javaexp Thanks man! So that means that every time when I release a new app I have to update some of the older apps to point at the new one right?
God! That guy is awsome!! I think hes millionare by now.

Why do you say that an own cross promo is better that the one from mobilecore for example? Do they also stick in their own apps or do I need all apps that are cross promoted to have the mC sdk included?

One more question. I have a bunch of day to day apps (NOT GAMES like dictionary, news, horoscope etc.) What ad network beside admob would you suggest to use on these apps and what type of ads? I know that the banners are old fashioned, boring and not that efficient but if I use interstitials how would be the right way to use them? (maybe show an interstitial from 5 to 5 minutes?)

I will try answer that for u.

  1. own cross promo is better because u have control over the appearance, allocation and network speed of own ads. Being independent from ad networks rocks. Still if u can’t have own implementation then try admob, mopub or mC. Admob is risky bcoz if admob bans app then users won’t b able to see cross promo ads along with monetized ads.

  2. mC allows max 25% allocation for cross promo. Admob and mopub don’t have such limits.

  3. mC and StartApp should work for normal apps. If they don’t then try airpush or eomobi as that will at least give u PPD revenue till u find an ad network best suited for u. Avoid Chartboost for non-games. I would show ads when user clicks a button in app and not random popup. The ad on button click should be random otherwise user will stop using that feature of the app. Better add random ads on all button clicks.

Still have any questions? Do ask

@javaexp Thanks you very much! Finally a detailed full answer!

One more question though :smiley:

I will definitively use the cross promo strategy, but for now, untill I have a bunch of apps to use this technique what would be the best ways to create some buzz around the app and to get the first users and maybe potential clients for the other apps?
What would be the free or cheapest ways to promote it? (facebook, google ads, blogs searched and found by manually, journalists, bloggers, posters, campuses, highschools or just the basic word of mouth)

FB groups and YouTube channels is cheap and effective. Not all YT channels will approve your app for review.

Allright thank you very much!

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How’s cross-promotion working for you? Are those sites good?


I suggest you publish it not only in Google Play,but also in other market,such as Nokia store,Amazon store…etc,that’s all free

Cross promotion is a good app promotion method, but not so effective. Based on my experience, I recommend you promote your app with the following method - the most recommended method:

Data shows that over 65% users discover new apps by browsing or searching keywords in the app stores, and most of them just browsing the top 10 apps, then the higher your app rank in the app store, the more people it reaches; the more people it reaches, the more downloads will generate. App Store Optimization, it’s a progress of improve your app visibility in the app stores, the it’s the most effective app promotion method.

There are 2 methods to increase your app visibility with app store optimization. The first one is increasing your app ranking in the app store;the other one is increase your app keyword coverage.

Keywords play an important role in app store ranking algorithm, then to increase app ranking in the app stores, the most important part is getting the right keywords. When you choose keywords, you should take relevance, competition and traffic into consideration, you can evalute the 3 factors with app keyword tools, for example, app annie. You can target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes firstly. Besides add the important keywords in your app title and description to increase the app ranking, if your want to increase your app ranking in a short time, I highly recommend you buy keyword search installs, which can increase your app ranking instantly, ASOTOP1 provides this kind of service, they support multiple countries and install types for you to choose from, get your app targeted precisely. Your app ranking will be improved in 8~10 hours, if there is no improvement, money back guarantee.

The more keywords your app covers, you more chances it will get to be noticed and installed.Follow the following ways to increase your keyword coverage:
[li]Avoid Repeating Keywords[/li][li]Use digits not words[/li][li]Use Shorter Keywords[/li][li]Wipe off connectors and stop words[/li][li]Get keyword reviews[/li][/ul]
About the keyword reviews, besides increase the keyword coverage, it can also increase your app ranking and download rates. Those apps which have much more positive reviews rank much higher than others. And about 95% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, and most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews.

How many users you actually get always promoting those iOS only services on an Android forum?-_-

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